It’s never too early to start the journey to a stunning smile. Oftentimes, kids have an easier time achieving the desired results because their mouths are still developing and more subjectable to treatment. It’s recommended that your child first see an orthodontist around the age of 7 when they have a mix of permanent and baby teeth. At this time, we can see if any alignment or spacing issues are starting to form.

Lanzetta Orthodontics offers Invisalign for kids in Taylor, MI. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are a flexible corrective treatment option that can help your child reach a healthier and happy smile without requiring much change in their daily routine.

What Is Invisalign For Kids?

Invisalign for kids is a clear aligner system designed specifically for your child’s developing mouth and can be used during Phase 1 treatment. This cutting-edge appliance uses clear aligner technology to give you the same results as braces but with a more discreet treatment process.

Phase 1 of treatment aims to help develop young jaws and arches by making room for existing and permanent teeth. Even if your child still has some of their baby teeth, clear aligners can help promote proper oral health and development.

Invisalign clear aligners for kids can treat various types of dental concerns. The most common type of orthodontic issues among children include:

  • Crowding
  • Narrow dental arches
  • Spacing issues

Clear aligners are durable and removable plastic trays that cover your child’s teeth. Since they are removable, your child can take them out when eating or brushing their teeth. They are also helpful for addressing certain oral habits such as tongue thrusting or thumb sucking.

How Is It Different From Invisalign For Adults?

Invisalign for kids is very similar to the way Invisalign treatment is done for adults. Every two weeks, your child will move into a new set of aligners that work to gradually shift their teeth into proper alignment. However, since your child’s mouth is still developing, the aligners are designed to account for this growth and change.

Additionally, we understand that helping your child get the most out of their Invisalign treatment is key to a lifetime of healthy smiles. Invisalign for kids features compliance indicators located in the back of the aligners to help you and our team keep track of how long your child is wearing their appliances. Over the course of the two-week period for each set of aligners, the compliance indicator will begin to fade as your child wears their aligners regularly. We recommend wearing them for at least 20-22 hours each day.

Benefits Of Invisalign For Kids

Since Invisalign clear aligners are removable, your child can take them out to eat, brush and floss. Removable aligners also mean no restrictions to what your child can eat while receiving treatment, giving you more flexibility at mealtime. Your child can also brush and floss their teeth as they normally would and after each meal, making it easier to get ready in the morning or at bedtime.

Invisalign clear aligners address a wide range of orthodontic issues in children. Whether your child has a minor crowding issue or misaligned teeth, the clear aligners gradually move the teeth into place. Our team at Lanzetta Orthodontics can help you establish the best treatment plan for your child’s still developing teeth and jaw based on their specific needs.

A significant concern for parents looking at orthodontic treatments for their children is how the treatment will impact their child’s athletics. Thankfully, clear aligners are found to be more comfortable to wear than braces and can be removed while playing sports, instruments, and other activities where they may be in the way. They can also act as a mouth guard that protects your child’s teeth during sporting events.

Caring For Invisalign Clear Aligners

Caring for your child’s clear aligners is essential for their oral health and treatment progression. Luckily, it is also extremely easy to keep the aligners clean.

The team at Lanzetta Orthodontics will give you specific instructions for you and your child on how to care for the Invisalign clear aligners. Generally, all your child will have to do is use a toothbrush and warm water to clean the front and back of their aligners gently.

Cleaning your child’s clear aligners at least once a day is critical to remove food debris from the trays and prevent bacterial growth. It is also essential that your child’s mouth be clean before placing the aligners back. Since clear aligners cover the entire row of your child’s teeth, both the tray and teeth must be clean to prevent further oral health issues.